Peterboro Arms Apartment Sponsors

Peterboro Arms Apartment Sponsors

About This Campaign

Sponsor an apartment for a family in the newly renovated Peterboro Arms apartment building! This former home of COTS shelter for families experiencing homelessness is being converted into two- and three-bedroom affordable apartments for families.

This historic building affords families the opportunity to be in the heart of a community full of rich resources. Resources such as education, transportation, employment, health and wellness centers, arts and culture centers, and entertainment all help to support family stability.

Partner with COTS today to help support family stability. Many families we serve need furniture and other supplies to serve their families well-being. We are seeking 56 partners to help ensure a turnkey experience for families moving in. Consider sponsoring an apartment and supporting the household needs of families overcoming poverty and homelessness.

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Campaign to Support COTS

Assisting families in reaching their housing, economic, health, education, and career goals through coaching, mentorship and support as they strive to overcome homelessness and break the cycle of poverty for the next generation.


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